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2023-03-15 Rubén Buitron Picharde See more
2023-02-08 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. See more
2023-01-04 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. See more
2022-12-06 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. See more
2022-11-07 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. Andean Food Series: The Peruvian scallop See more
2022-11-02 Augusto Bazán Pérez The first inhabitants of the Chicama Valley. Evidence from Huaca Prieta and Pampas de Paiján See more
2022-10-14 Rubén Buitron Picharde Chronology: The Lambayeque Period (900-1350 CE) See more
2022-08-19 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. Territory and Indigenous society in the Chicama Valley in the 16th century See more
2022-06-06 Jose Ismael Alva Ch The Inca Empire and the Chicama Valley See more
2022-05-03 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. The Chimú lordship and its presence in the Chicama Valley See more

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