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2024-07-17 Carlos Alfredo Fuentes Romero See more
2024-04-02 Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo ¡Nos vamos al J. Paul Getty Museum! Conoce qué piezas de nuestra colección participan en una reciente exposición en California, EE. UU. See more
2023-08-08 Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo See more
2023-07-19 Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo Wiese Foundation will present the book "Lambayeque Funerary Bundles in El Brujo" at FIL 2023 See more
2023-03-15 Rubén Buitron Picharde Economic activities in ancient Peru: Basketry See more
2023-02-08 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. El Brujo and the exchange of exotic objects See more
2023-01-04 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. Early pre-Hispanic fishing in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex See more
2022-12-19 Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo The recent research in Huaca Cao Viejo within the framework of the Works for Taxes mechanism in El Brujo See more
2022-12-06 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. Food Plants Introduced in the Chicama Valley During the Viceroyalty of Peru See more
2022-11-02 Augusto Bazán Pérez The first inhabitants of the Chicama Valley. Evidence from Huaca Prieta and Pampas de Paiján See more

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