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"Tourism Fairs, an opportunity for community integration" (June, 2023).

The VI Tourism Conservatory was a unique opportunity to learn about tourism fairs as a tool for community integration. During two days, the participants received training for fairgoers 2023 by the @elbrujo team and listened to the presentation of Mg. Giorgio Zevallos, who shared his experience in planning, execution and logistics, key aspects to carry out a tourism fair. All this under the framework of execution of the 1st Tourist Craft Fair "El Brujo", where artisans and masters specialized in textiles, chicha de año, wood, basketry and tourist restaurants will be present to show their work and delight our visitors with their products.

"Entrepreneurship and Sustainability" (May, 2023).

In collaboration with the District Municipality of Magdalena de Cao, the V Tourism Workshop was organized to provide training and tools to local tourism and handicraft entrepreneurs. During the seminar, sustainability in entrepreneurship and the use of marketing to promote these practices were discussed with the participation of Mr. Giorgio Zevallos, an expert in marketing and brand positioning with 20 years of experience.

"Crafts: objects that allow us to return to memorable moments" (April, 2023)

In this space for learning and reflection, we have the participation of artisans from Magdalena de Cao and tourist service providers. The artisans present had knowledge in textiles, wood, basketry and chicha de año. In addition, members of the Municipality of Magdalena de Cao also participated in the event, highlighting the importance of synergy between the public and private sectors in tourism. The main presentation was presented by the founder of the Arte y Cerámica artisan venture and administrator of the Arturo Jiménez de Puruchuco Museum, Williams Fernández, who presented his skills in crafts and digital marketing to the participants. ​

"The power of gastronomy and customer service in the tourist experience" (March, 2023)

For this conversation, we have the participation of emblematic restaurants of Magdalena de Cao, as well as those women who are dedicated to the creation of the renowned Chicha of the town. ​ As for the authorities present, members of the Municipality of Magdalena de Cao joined, realizing the importance of seeing tourism as a synergy between the public and private sectors. The main presentation was given by the General Manager of the restaurant chain "Los Herrajes", Alcides Goicochea Cruz, who presented his success story "Los Herrajes - Vivencial". The narrated experiences served as inspiration and motivation for our guests, who will participate in the next Gastronomic Fair to be held at the Archaeological Complex.

"Magdalena de Cao Transport Sector" (February, 2023)

On this occasion, we address important topics of interest to the sector such as improving customer service, maintenance and presentation of the mobile unit, the importance of staff training, among others. ​

"Tourist Diagnosis of Magdalena de Cao" (January, 2023)

This collaborative space had the objective of analyzing the tourist situation of Magdalena de Cao and addressing different measures to be taken in favor of improving the quality of the experience provided to our visitors. Aimed mainly at tourism service providers, associations and local artisans. ​ This space was directed, mainly, to providers of tourist services, associations and local artisans. CAEB representatives and Mg. Martín Orbe, Manager of Local Development and Public Services of the District Municipality of Poroto, Trujillo, were in charge of the reflective presentations to jointly carry out the tourism situational diagnosis of Magdalena de Cao.

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