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Next, we present the different means of transport that will take you to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, located in Magdalena de Cao, Ascope orovince, La Libertad, from Lima, Chiclayo, Huanchaco and Trujillo. Discover our exact location and more details for your upcoming visit at:

From Lima

Until Trujillo 1 h.

Until Trujillo 8 h.

From Trujillo

Until Chocope 1 h.

From Chocope to Magdalena de Cao 20 min, From Magdalena de Cao to El Brujo take mototaxi 15 min.

From Huanchaco

Until Trujillo 40 min.

Until Chocope 1 h, then a bus to Magdalena de Cao hour 20 min and a motorcycle taxi to El Brujo 15 min.

Take the Costanera Highway 40 min.

From Chiclayo

Until Chocope 3 h, then bus to Magdalena de Cao 20 min and a motorcycle taxi to El Brujo 10 min.

Towards El Brujo 2:50 h.

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