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Learn more about the artistic activities carried out by the ancient Peruvians by the hand of specialists.

Talleres El Brujo

El Brujo Workshops - Colonial Weaving

What were colonial stockings like? In this workshop, discover the technique of knitting with needles that was used during the colonial period.

El Brujo Workshops - Stamps

Can you imagine transporting yourself to the pre-Columbian era and becoming an artist? Look for the materials you have at home and join us in this virtual Stamp Workshop at El Brujo.

El Brujo Workshops - Transitional Tapestry

The Lambayeque culture was one of the most influential during the pre-Hispanic era, possessing great techniques in different fields, such as transitional tapestry. In the following workshop, we will teach you more about this ancient method.

El Brujo Workshops - Moche Tapestry

Did you know that tapestry technique was one of the most elaborate and exclusive textile forms used by the Moche elites? In this workshop, you will discover more about this pre-Hispanic technique.

El Brujo Workshops - Funerary Bales

Learn more about the Lambayeque Funerary Bales and their characteristics from Rubén Buitron, Laboratory Chief of the Cao Museum, who, through a workshop, explains the importance of these bundles and teaches us to make one, just like in ancient Peru!

El Brujo Workshops - Twisted or Interlaced Weaving

In this video, we will teach you quickly and simply the technique of knitting with needles, which dates back to the Colonial era, but applying it to create practical and functional objects. Let's get to work!

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