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Festival of the Lady of Cao

In 2017, thanks to the reconstruction of the face of the Mochica leader, the Wiese Foundation and the town of Magdalena de Cao organized an emotional ceremony held in the district's main square, thus celebrating "the symbolic return of the Lady of Cao to His town".

Handicrafts of Magdalena de Cao in Ruraq Maki

The Ruraq Maki Fair has been disseminating the handmade products of artisans who, like Luis Iparraguirre, a resident of the Magdalena de Cao district, come from all over Peru to show us their art to the delight of all culture lovers for more than 11 years. Peruvian; allowing the exhibition and sale of handicrafts made by talented Peruvian artists.

II International Festival of Mochica ancestral mural

Outstanding national and foreign muralists gathered in Magdalena del Cao, to participate in the "II International Festival of Mochica Ancestral Mural". The initiative, supported by the district municipality and the Wiese Foundation, sought to preserve the ancestral customs of the Mochica culture through art.

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