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Ancestral Knowledge - La chicha de año

Chicha de jora is an ancestral beverage made from fermented corn, which continues to be consumed in various areas of Peru. With the arrival of the Europeans, the preparation of this beverage was altered, with Magdalena de Cao's Chicha de año (Ascope) being one of the many variations, considered a distinctive national product of the district.

Ancestral Knowledge - Adobe in ancient Peru

Did you know that adobe construction dates back to pre-Hispanic times in our country? It is incredible to think that many of these buildings still stand over time, such as the Huaca Cao Viejo or the Chan Chan Citadel. Join us to discover more about this construction technique!

Ancestral Knowledge - Ancestral Textiles in Magdalena de Cao

In this new chapter, we will talk about textiles, one of the most important economic activities in ancient Peru. To do this, we want to highlight the heirs of this ancestral activity and showcase their valuable work.

Ancestral Knowledge - Traditional Fishing in the Chicama Valley

In this chapter we will talk about one of the oldest economic activities in the history of humanity: traditional fishing.

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