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About us

We are a non-profit institution that promotes (manages, leads and articulates) educational, cultural and innovative projects of high social impact, through long-term strategic alliances and a committed and competent work team.


We mobilize people and institutions to transform Peru


The Wiese Foundation strives for Better citizens forging the Peru of the future


IDENTITY: The historical conscience that embraces our diversity further enhances the value of Peruvians and is a source of development.
SOLIDARITY: The intervention capable of transforming the destiny of the most vulnerable individuals and communities.
EQUITY: Equality in the value attached to each Peruvian and the commitment to provide them with equality in the access to opportunities.

El Brujo: Mission

Supported by a committed and qualified team will turn to El Brujo in a fascinating destination for all visitors and a source of new knowledge for humanity , promoting through it , the sustainability of the archaeological site as well as the development of communities living in its area of influence.

Fundación Wiese and El Brujo

El Brujo, a fascinating destination for all its visitors and a source of new knowledge for humanity.El Brujo, a fascinating destination for all its visitors and a source of new knowledge for humanity.
Strategic Objectives
Promoting new scientific research projects in collaboration with organizations, institutions and strategic allies.
Guaranteeing the access of diverse audiences to the knowledge generated.
Integrating the surrounding communities to the tourist destination.


Within the framework of successive Cooperation Agreements signed with the Ministry of Culture, the Wiese Foundation works for the research, conservation, value enhancement and dissemination of El Brujo Archaeological Complex. We act there, inspired by the love of Peru and the passion of Don Guillermo “Pancho” Wiese, who started this project in August 1990.

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