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Investigations Team

Augusto Bazán Pérez
Resident Archaeologist of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Augusto Bazán has a bachelor’s degree in social science and licence in Archaeology from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He has more than a decade of experience in archaeological research on the Peruvian north and central coast, as well as in the north-central highlands.

His research focuses on the occupations of the Late Archaic (3000-1800 BC) and Formative Periods (1800 BC-200 AD) of the Central Andes, with particular emphasis on the north-central coastal valleys, as well as topics related to higher education in Peruvian archaeology, specialized editorial production, and the impact of archaeological production (not only editorial) on society in general. Most of his work experience was carried out with the Archaeological Research and Conservation Project in Chavin de Huántar, where he served as Co-Director.

He is currently Resident Archaeologist of El Brujo Archaeological Complex. He is in charge of the archaeology division, including scientific research and conservation, focusing on the determination of new topics of study and the application of appropriate methodologies according to institutional interests (research protocols), and formulation and monitoring of the editorial policy.

José Ismael Alva Chancos
Arqueólogo residente

Bachelor of Social Sciences with a mention in archeology and bachelor of archeology from the San Marcos Major National University. He has developed research on pre-Hispanic urbanism and ethnohistoric sources on the southern coast, particularly linked to the 'Señorío de Chincha', Inca imperialism and the sociocultural transformations of the Andean world during the early colony.

Cynthia Sialer Carrillo
Head of property conservation

Restoration Technician from the Lima Workshop School, program of the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation and Architect from the César Vallejo University. He completed a diploma in Cultural and Heritage Management at the San Cristóbal de Huamanga University. He has a special interest in research related to the conservation and restoration processes carried out over time in the architecture of archaeological spaces. He has participated in registration, diagnosis and conservation work in the Huaca Bellavista, in the Mateo Salado Archaeological Complex and in the Vilcashuamán-Sangalla Stretch Project of the Qhapaq Ñan National Headquarters Project.

Rubén Héctor Buitron Picharde
Jefe de laboratorio

Bachelor of Social Sciences with a mention in archeology and bachelor of archeology from the San Marcos Major National University. He completed a diploma in Conservation of Archaeological Cultural Assets at the Institute of Conservation and Restoration "Yachay Wasi". He has followed specialization studies at various universities and museums in Peru, United States of America (USA) and Brazil. He has participated in archaeological excavation and conservation work at the Huaca Pucllana Site Museum.

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