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Consultive Council

We are proud to present the members of the first Advisory Council of the El Brujo Archaeological Program, made up of:

What is it and for what purpose was it created?

For the purpose of ensuring good practices in archaeological investigation, as well as strengthening and improving the academic and scientific activity of the Research Department of the El Brujo Archaeological Program, the Wiese Foundation decided to formalize the creation of a specialized advisory branch that gives advice and opinions with regards to the different work and projects carried out by its professionals as part of their duties.

Who is on the council?

To achieve this purpose, the Foundation called upon a group of renowned archaeologists, who are local or international references in their respective lines of investigation. The combined sound and fruitful experience of these renowned researchers is in line with the planning of the Research Department at El Brujo. Therefore, consideration of the Council’s contributions, in an opportune manner, will be very enriching and valuable for the team’s process of decision making.

We are proud to present the members of the first Advisory Council of the El Brujo Archaeological Program, consisting of:


Peter Kaulicke

  • Doctor in anthropology and archeology from the University of Bonn, Germany.
  • Principal Professor of the Archeology Specialty, Department of Humanities of the PUCP, since 1982.
  • Visiting Professor at various institutions around the world.
  • He has directed numerous archaeological projects in Peru since 1971.
  • Organizer of the PUCP International Archeology Symposia (since 1996). Director of the PUCP Archeology Bulletin (1997-2013).
  • Ordinary member of the German Archaeological Institute. Corresponding member of the Institute of Andean Studies.
  • Decorated by the Peruvian State with the Order "To Merit for Distinguished Services" in the degree of "Grand Officer", due to his important scientific work on pre-Hispanic Peruvian cultures.
  • Author of about 200 articles and 20 books (9 edited) in various languages.

Learn more about Dr. Peter Kaulicke, in the following link:

Luisa Díaz

  • Doctor in Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory from the Panthéon – Sorbonne University (Paris), and Archaeologist from UNMSM.
  • Post - degree in Environmental Training. FLACAM, UNESCO Chair, 1998. La Plata – Argentina.
  • Director of the Academic Department of Archeology - Faculty of Social Sciences, UNMSM, February 2014 to the present.
  • Principal Professor of Archeology and Cultural Management at UNMSM from 2001 to date.
  • She has directed various research projects with an emphasis on the archeology of death and the central coast (Pachacamac, Ytchsma).
  • She is the author of various articles.
  • She is a member of the Society for American Archeology and the Belgian Society of Americanists.

Learn more about Dr. Luisa Díaz, in this link:

Daniel Contreras

  • Ph.D, Department of Anthropological Sciences, Stanford University.
  • He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Florida, and previously at the University of Maryland.
  • He has published more than 25 academic articles in recognized international editions.
  • Professional Interests: Geoarchaeology; human-environmental interactions; digital methods and archaeology; socioecological modeling; geomorphology; environmental archaeology.
  • Field work in the Central Andes (Caracha-Ayacucho and Chavín de Huántar – Ancash), Mesoamerica and the Mediterranean.
  • Member of the Society for American Archeology and Institute of Andean Studies.
  • Fellow of the National Science Foundation, Humboldt Foundation, NGS, Brennan Foundation, and Council of American Overseas Research Centers.

Learn more about Dr. Daniel Contreras, in the following link:

Sonia Guillén

  • Ph.D. in Physical Anthropology from the University of Michigan and archaeologist from UNMSM.
  • She is one of the leading Peruvian experts on mummies.
  • She has been Minister of Culture of Peru, General Director of Museums and Director of the MNAH of Pueblo Libre.
  • She is Director of the Mallqui Center, Institute of Bioarchaeology of Peru, in Leymebamba -Amazonas.
  • She discoverer of the mummies of the Laguna de los Cóndores and the Peruvian dog of Chiribaya.
  • She is a foreign associate of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS, USA) since 2012.

Learn more about Dr. Guillén, in the following link:

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