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2022-05-03 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. The Chimú lordship and its presence in the Chicama Valley See more
2022-04-13 Augusto Bazán Pérez A different world. The Chicama Valley in the context of the first human communities 15,000 years ago. See more
2022-03-23 Augusto Bazán Pérez How are the cultures in ancient Peru recognized? Estimation of social groups, territory, and time in archaeology See more
2022-02-23 Augusto Bazán Pérez The Chicama Valley See more
2022-01-27 Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo See more
2022-01-25 Jose Ismael Alva Ch Indigenous territory and society in the Chicama Valley in the 16th century See more
2021-08-18 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. The Lambayeque People: Mythological origins and society See more
2021-05-20 Jose Ismael Alva Ch. The offerings in the tomb of the Lady of Cao See more
2021-03-29 Helen Chavarria Jara See more
2021-03-03 Mary Avila Peltroche y Jose Ismael Alva Ch. Series on Andean food: The cuy (Guinea pig) See more

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