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In the following post, we will talk about the different specialized and interactive experiences that you can enjoy at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, and much more.

Recently, we received the visit of a special family, who travelled to the North from the city of Lima. People with a substantial interest in our Peruvian culture, who wished to see the tourist attractions of La Libertad in a personalized experience during a trip lasting 2 days and 1 night.

A personalized experience

Una experiencia hecha a la medida

At the Archaeological Complex, we offered them our services and specialized and interactive experiences that take place in our facilities. As a complement, we gave them advice about the main places to visit on the coast of La Libertad, and we helped with the coordination necessary to make their visits to the other nearby tourist attractions of La Libertad, including translation, guides, and entry tickets.

We design a personalized itinerary for you and your family


visita el brujo con tu familia

In this way, after the family selected the places they wanted to visit, and the services and experiences they wanted to receive, we created the itinerary. Through constant monitoring, we made sure their visit was unforgettable from their arrival at the airport in Trujillo to their visit to the citadel of Chan Chan, the Huaca del Sol and the Huaca de la Luna, as well as their visit to a Moche artisan’s workshop.

Visit El Brujo and experience its 14 thousand years of history

Visita el Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo

The following day, our team waited for them at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex to give them a unique experience. The family chose the Specialized Route, which consists of an excursion through Huaca Cao Viejo and the site museum, the usual tourist route; but it also includes the visit to Huaca Cortada and Huaca Prieta.

For the whole tour, they were accompanied by one of our archaeologists, who gave them first-hand information about the 14,000 years of history represented at the Complex and the recent investigations, narrated from an archaeological perspective.

Additionally, they were able to discover artifacts not on display from our storage room of textiles and mummy bundles, in correspondence with the theme they had chosen.

Additionally, after a vast archaeological experience, we opened the Mystic Route for them to explore and experience one of the ceremonial wells constructed during Moche times, where, after prior coordination, they received a cleansing bath from a shaman from Magdalena de Cao. While this ceremony was taking place, a talented young women painted their hands and feet with the tattoos that decorated the Lady of Cao, documenting it in a printed photo.

los tatuajes que decoraban los de la Señora de Cao

Discover the gastronomy of Magdalena de Cao

Descubre la gastronomía de Magdalena de Cao

After the memorable moments experienced, they proceeded to have lunch in the town of Magdalena de Cao, were we coordinated a pleasant reception and tasting of representative seafood dishes.

To end, on the way to the airport, they made a brief stop at the beach in Huanchaco. After this, they were transported to their point of departure, saying goodbye to the North Coast and its impressive pre-Hispanic structures.

Reserve your experience

A memorable experience is one in which you and your family are the protagonists of the story, so ask for our specialized, personalized experiences, where you will be accompanied by a qualified guide in each one of our spaces, and we will advise you on your trip to the North and ensure that your visit is unforgettable.

Get your personalized experience at El Brujo and explore its 14,000 years of history!

For more information, write us at +51 939 326 240 or click on the following link.

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