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Visits to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex form a part of the Moche Route, an archaeological circuit that transports us to a surprising ancient civilization. El Brujo is considered one of the greatest milestones along this route, since it is the place where the tomb and remains of the Lady of Cao were found, which are currently exhibited in the modern Site Museum.

The Lady of Cao was an important find for Peruvian archaeology, since it is believed that she held an important role in Moche society in the lower Chicama Valley. She also represents an unprecedented archaeological discovery in that she has helped deepen studies about one of the most important pre-Hispanic cultures to develop in Peru.

Today, the El Brujo Archaeological Complex is under the administration of the Weise Foundation, which, in addition to carrying out research in the area, also organizes different events that involve the community of the La Libertad region and attract Peruvian and international tourists and researchers.

Among the annual events organized by the Foundation is the International Archaeology Conference, during which the advances made in research at the complex are presented.

But beyond that, you must be wondering, “How can I get to this important archaeological complex?” Whether for tourism or academic purposes, you should visit El Brujo. That is why we will now explain some different routes for getting here.

How do you get to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex from Lima?

Cómo llegar al Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo desde Lima

How do you get from Lima to Trujillo?

You can travel by bus or plane from Lima to Trujillo. With the former, the trip takes about 8 hours, while by air, it only takes one hour.

How do you get to the El Brujo Archaeological Complex from Trujillo?

Once you arrive at Trujillo, you should take a bus to Chocope, which will take an hour. You can also travel by taxi or a private vehicle; then the route continues from Chocope to Magdalena de Cao and takes 20 minutes. In the town of Magdalena de Cao, you continue for 15 minutes in mototaxi to El Brujo.

How do you get there from Huanchaco?

Cómo llegar al Complejo Arqueológico El Brujo desde Trujillo

If the route starts in Huanchaco, you should take a private vehicle or taxi to Trujillo, which will take 40 minutes.

You can also take the bus. In this case, the route is from Huanchaco to Chocope and takes one hour. From Chocope, you continue on to Magdalena de Cao in bus, and then in mototaxi to the archaeological complex.

How do you get to El Brujo from Chiclayo?

You go from Chiclayo to Chocope; the trip takes 3 hours by bus. Then, you follow the previously described route from Chocope to Magdalena de Cao and from the town to the complex.

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