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With enthusiasm, we concluded in March the summer workshops held free of charge at the facilities of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. These workshops covered disciplines such as pottery, cabinetry, music and theater, marking a palpable commitment of the Wiese Foundation, in charge of the administration of the complex, vis-à-vis the community of Magdalena de Cao. These educational venues have been conducted since 2023, and this year they were available on Fridays and Saturdays from January to March. 

The classes, totally free of charge, were aimed at children from 8 to 15 years old, with the enthusiastic participation of 36 children from the community this year.

Artisan workshops  

The pottery and cabinetry workshops were aimed at reviving and promoting among the children the ancestral knowledge transmitted by the wise men of the community. Values such as responsibility, discipline and camaraderie were strengthened.  

A total of 14 children, 5 in cabinetry and 9 in pottery, had the opportunity to immerse themselves in these ancestral practices, guided by outstanding artisans such as Lucho Iparraguirre, the master cabinetmaker from Artesanías Cao Viejo, a participant of the Ruraq Maki fairs, and Segundo Lozada, a plastic artist from Fine Arts of Trujillo and former curator of El Brujo, with knowledge of pottery techniques. Over the course of 3 months in the cabinetry workshop, from January to March, they learned techniques such as carving, polishing and varnishing, applied to Mochica iconography. And in the case of the pottery workshop, they learned techniques such as modeling and molding, also recreating Mochica figures and iconographies.  

Artist workshops 

Concurrently, the music and theatre workshops sought to foment art and identity vis-à-vis the cultural heritage. To date, 22 children, 11 in theatre and 11 in music, have been immersed in learning instruments, singing and body language techniques. 

Gustavo Ramos, theater teacher, shared his joy: "I feel very happy: with the children, we have learned to play, to share and to develop the cultural identity through exercises related to the museum, the huacas and the history that El Brujo houses." 

The quality of the workshops, led by teachers and specialized master craftsmen, stands out, positioning El Brujo as a benchmark in the preservation and transmission of ancestral cultural practices. This unique effort contributes to cultural development and to the strengthening of community ties. 

"These super talented kids are now going to represent us as the El Brujo archaeological complex, as part of the cast of Talents of Cao", added Juan Julio, music teacher. 

After completing the workshops, the children go through an evaluation process to join the artistic cast of "Talents of Cao" and other activities offered at the archaeological complex. Every Sunday, during Open Museums in El Brujo, they offer, free of charge, presentations that are ideal for the family to enjoy, as well as participating in special events such as Holy Week and National Holiday. We extend a cordial invitation to the community to visit El Brujo in La Libertad.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by WhatsApp at +51 933 412 730. Our opening hours are Monday through Sunday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We look forward to your visit!

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