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Last February 19, in coordination with the Regional Management of Foreign Trade, Tourism and Handicraft (GERCETUR) of La Libertad, the District Municipality of Magdalena de Cao and the Wiese Foundation, we held the 1st 2024 Tourism Panel Discussions, aimed at entrepreneurs in the tourism and handicraft sector of the locality. With an enthusiastic participation of more than 30 people, this event marks the continuation of the work started by the Wiese Foundation in 2023 with the support of the Municipality

We started the Panel Discussions with an inspiring review of the achievements obtained with the 2023 Panel Discussions and the two Tourism Fairs organized by the Wiese Foundation in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. In 2024, our commitment persists in collaborating closely with the community in order to bolster the tourist environment of Magdalena de Cao

During the event, the Foreign Trade, Tourism and Handicrafts team from GERCETUR made three outstanding presentations, addressing topics such as 1) Business Models, 2) Artisanal formalization and registration with the National Registry of Artisans (RNA), and 3) Norms for Hospitality and Restaurant establishments. 

Inauguración de Conversatorios Turísticos 2024 en Magdalena de Cao

These presentations sensitized the community about the formalization and structuring of their business models in tourism and handicrafts. In this way, we continue to move forward in order to give them a voice, promote tourism and achieve the formalization of our entrepreneurs in tourism and handicrafts through the Strengthening Plan, on which we will work together this year. 

The commitment of the Wiese Foundation and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex to sustainable development, the promotion of local entrepreneurship is growing stronger every year through new projects and initiatives and the promotion of Magdalena de Cao as a tourist destination. We feel honored to contribute to the growth of our local community and we thank all the participants, speakers and collaborating entities for making this event possible.

Inauguración de Conversatorios Turísticos 2024 en Magdalena de Cao

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