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          The Wiese Foundation’s new publication that contains the complete report on the investigation of this important archaeological funerary context

The magnificent discovery of the context of the Lady of Cao consists of the burials of at least seven individuals distributed across five tombs, with the principal character being the enigmatic Lady, who has become an icon of Peruvian archaeology today.

Because of this archaeological discovery – made in 2004 at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex – many things have changed in Peruvian archaeology and society. This monographic archaeological testimonial tells, for the first time at the institutional level, about the investigations of this context carried out in years past.

lady of cao

 “We are perfectly aware that we are still far from attaining all of the knowledge that this figure can help us to recover,” indicates Doña Clotilde Wiese de la Puente, President of the Wiese Foundation, at the book’s presentation. “Through this text, the Wiese Foundation aspires to lay the foundations for a new stage of discussions and investigations, based on correctly obtained and documented information from up-to-date practices and technologies”, she adds.

The book, which compiles the contributions of 21 researchers who, through their diverse specializations, have carried out scientific studies of this archaeological context and its most well-known figure over the last 17 years. In 13 chapters, the book recounts the excavation of the funerary context, as well as the process of unwrapping the mummy bundle, bioanthropological studies, the study of the Lady of Cao’s tattoos and metal funerary goods, and other unprecedented contents.

El Brujo is not just an archaeological site, a research center, a museum, or a tourist destination. El Brujo is an inexhaustible source of socially useful knowledge and learning opportunities, which should be shared with the general community. Seeing it in this way, the Wiese Foundation aspires to continue working and sharing those experiences, which serve to promote development, through our incomparable culture heritage, for the benefit of society.


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