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What is it and for what purpose was it created?

For the purpose of ensuring good practices in archaeological investigation, as well as strengthening and improving the academic and scientific activity of the Research Department of the El Brujo Archaeological Program, the Wiese Foundation decided to formalize the creation of a specialized advisory branch that gives advice and opinions with regards to the different work and projects carried out by its professionals as part of their duties.

Who is on the council?

To achieve this purpose, the Foundation called upon a group of renowned archaeologists, who are local or international references in their respective lines of investigation. The combined sound and fruitful experience of these renowned researchers is in line with the planning of the Research Department at El Brujo. Therefore, consideration of the Council’s contributions, in an opportune manner, will be very enriching and valuable for the team’s process of decision making.

We are proud to present the members of the first Advisory Council of the El Brujo Archaeological Program, consisting of:

• Peter Kaulicke. Doctor of Anthropology and Archaeology from the University of Bonn. Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. See more.

• Luisa Díaz. Doctor of Anthropology, Ethnohistory and Prehistory from the University of Panthéon – Sorbonne. Associated Professor at Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. See more.

• Daniel Contreras. Doctor of Anthropological Science from Stanford University. Assistant Professor at the University of Florida, U.S.A. See more.

• Sonia Guillén. Doctor of Physical Anthropology from the University of Michigan. Former Minister of Culture of Peru. Director of the Mallqui Center. See more.

How does it hold session?

The Council holds ordinary session two times per year. At the end of every year, the Research Department team of the CAEB presents its operations plan for the upcoming year to the Advisory Council, to seek advice and validation. Also, there is a progress-report session halfway through the year. Additionally, the Research Department team consults and coordinates with the advisors about diverse topics, periodically, outside of the formal meetings.

In this manner, the work that the Wiese Foundation carries out at the CAEB, for the benefit of the research and preservation of the cultural heritage of all Peruvians, as well as its social impact, are strengthened. Archaeological investigations of a diverse nature, editorial projects, collections management, and projects for the socialization of the knowledge produced at the CAEB are also strengthened, thanks to this council of authorities on Central Andean archaeology.

The Advisory Council of the CAEB was created in December of 2021. The Wiese Foundation is deeply grateful for the generosity of the councilmembers and values each one of their opinions and recommendations. This is further evidence that magnificent professionals exist, aligned with the vision of creating a country forged by better citizens and committed to continuing to work so that Peruvian cultural heritage can achieve its true potential.

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