The Lambayeque funerary bundles from the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

By Rubén H. Buitron Picharde Wiese Foundation| El Brujo Archaeological Complex. Head of Laboratory Most people are amazed by the objects and the knowledge achieved by our ancestors, especially those related to death, such as mummies and funerary bundles.  Indeed, they are repositories of memory and knowledge about life and death in past epochs. Bundling is [...]

Andean Foods Series: Corn

By Leslie Zúñiga and José Alva “There are many differences kinds of corn; because, firstly, it comes in all colors: white, black and yellow, purple, light and dark red and with several mixed colors“. (COBO 1964 [1656]: 160) Corn is the native cereal of the American continent.  With the Spanish colonization and the globalization of [...]

Apu Campana in the maritime records the XVII to the XIX centuries

By: José Ismael Alva Chancos “… I heard on faraway mounts and guacas (as on the mount next to Chocope, and on the one they call Canpana, and on other different ones) loud noises from drums, the musical instrument of the Indians, in a lugubrious, sad and afflicted tone. (Calancha, 1638, t. IV, Cap. IV). [...]

Andean Foods: Ají Amarillo

“Of the vegetables that produce their fruit on their branches, there is the ají pepper, which, second to corn,  is the most widely used and esteemed plant among the Indians from those that they found in this land” (Cobo 1964 [1656]: 172). Ají is the fruit used as a spice that is the most appreciated [...]

Bibliographic repository: Cultural Heritage and COVID-19

The current juncture has been generating great challenges for the various disciplines connected to the Cultural Heritage that are dedicated to its management, preservation and dissemination.  In this context, the experiences, normative documents and research that are being publicized in order to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on cultural assets, constitute extremely valuable contributions [...]

Award of investment project that will allow the conditioning of the tourist circuit of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

For the first time, it will be possible to execute the "Works for Taxes" mechanism on archaeological monuments The investment will be over 3.5 million soles. The project includes the excavation of three areas of the archaeological site, its promotion and tourism diffusion, as well as conservation and education actions. The execution of the investment [...]