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The El Brujo Archaeological Complex comprises only a tiny fraction within the great web of archaeological sites of the Chicama Valley. It is known that the Mochica occupation in El Brujo lasts between 100 and 800 AD. However, researchers are not yet clear about the timeline and social changes that occurred during the occupation of this culture.  

sitios arqueológicos del valle de Chicama

This necessity to understand the changes and evolution of the Mochica society motivated the excavations carried out in Huaca Cao Viejo, within the framework of the first Works for Taxes project of the cultural sector in El Brujo.  

What is the Works for Taxes mechanism?

It is a mechanism that allows private companies to finance and execute investment projects that are then partially deducted from the Income Tax that they must pay.    


El Brujo was part of the first project of archaeological research, conservation, promotion and dissemination financed through the Works for Taxes mechanism in Peru. This ambitious project was carried out in co-execution between the Ministry of Culture and the Government of La Libertad. The company in charge was Inmuebles Panamericana and the executing entity was Wiese Foundation.  

After the field: Working with archaeological materials 

Trabajando con los materiales arqueológicos

After the 2 excavations carried out in Huaca Cao Viejo and with the help of strict methodologies and the contribution of new technologies, it was possible to refine the archaeological record in this important Mochica building. In chapter 2 of the series "Discovering our history" you will learn more about the studies carried out by archaeologists after doing research in the field.  

Enjoy the full series here.

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