The discovery of the funerary context of the Lady of Cao made in 2004, was one of the most important archaeological finds at the beginning of the 21st century. The climatic conditions of the north coast of the country allowed human remains to be found in excellent condition. In 2009, the Wiese Foundation inaugurated the Cao Museum, and the mummified body of the Lady of Cao and its most prominent sumptuary objects were put on display in the main hall.

Fifteen years after its discovery, fourteen after the unravel exposition, and a decade after being exposed in the place where currently resides, it is time to raise and discuss the exhibition and conservation of the body, so that this testimony is preserved for future generations.

For this reason, the Wiese Foundation, as part of its functions of safeguarding and preserving the cultural heritage of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, has considered relevant the creation of a team of national and foreign specialists for the development of a comprehensive diagnosis of the conservation status and exhibition of the Lady of Cao. This committee will evaluate the situation of the body, its micro-climatic parameters and museological elements, as well as provide reflections and proposals for its preservation.

The Discussion Meeting for the Diagnosis of the Lady of Cao will be held on June 13 and June 14, 2019, at the facilities of the Cao Museum. It will be a closed event and will feature the participation of leading professionals in the fields of study, conservation and museology of mummies, whose contributions will help to validate or improve conservation strategies regarding this remarkable representative finding in Peruvian history.

Featuring professionals:

-Sonia Guillen Oneeglio (Peru) – Archaeologist

-Bernardo Arriaza Torres (Chile) – Bioanthropologist

-Mercedes González (Spain) – Bioanthropologist

-Gabriela Bertone (Peru) – Archaeologist / Museographer

-Eddy Merida (Peru) – Museographer / Plastic Artist