It is a wonderful youth literary work, written by Rosario Arias Quincot, which tells the adventures of three contemporary teenagers of diverse backgrounds, and classmates in the school, who by accident end up being part of the history of the Chicama Valley -on the Peruvian northern coast- and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex at the times when Lady of Cao lived, approximately 1700 years ago.

Through this fascinating story, the author manages to capture the attention of the young readers – and adults as well. Although it is a fiction with the literary licenses of the case, it is an entertaining way to introduce readers to the Mochica world: the fabulous civilization that inhabited the territory where El Brujo is today. It is, also, a powerful way to strengthen the identity of our teenagers through a multidisciplinary literary project where archeology, literature and education converge fortunately.

The Wiese Foundation will use the profits obtained from the sale of the books that the visitors of El Brujo acquire in the store of the complex or in the virtual store, to finance the purchase of more copies, with the objective of donate them to teenagers and schools in Magdalena de Cao, the community near the archaeological site.This is another example of the Wiese Foundation’s commitment to contribute to the formation of better citizens through culture and education.

Travel with purpose, meet El Brujo!

To purchase the book, please contact Miguel Guzmán

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