The current juncture has been generating great challenges for the various disciplines connected to the Cultural Heritage that are dedicated to its management, preservation and dissemination.  In this context, the experiences, normative documents and research that are being publicized in order to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on cultural assets, constitute extremely valuable contributions for institutions, specialists and individuals related to the cultural heritage sector.

Hence, the Wiese Foundation makes available to the community a compilation of norms and recommendations for Cultural Heritage in times of Coronavirus that have been published by institutions that are referents on the issue.  These texts contain a series of suggestions in order that the institutions that safeguard cultural assets may consider and/or adapt to their respective contexts.

The text bank will be updated weekly with the objective of providing as many official references as possible pertaining to this juncture.

The spirit of this compilation is to provide the community with useful information for the preservation of the Cultural Heritage and to promote the resilience of institutions in these difficult times; aside from having a bibliographic bank where people can consult and download freely the desired information.  We, at the Wiese Foundation, are convinced that collaboration and solidarity will be the cornerstones for the resurgence of the institutions that preserve our invaluable cultural legacy.

To access the bibliographic repository, click here: