Fun animated short inspired by the Lady of Cao is presented at the AJAYU, International Festival of Animated Short Films.

From November 8th-11th, 2017, the 2nd International Festival of Animated Short Films “AJAYU 2017” will take place, and one of the animated films that will be shown is the clip titled “Visiting the Lady of Cao”, by Rodrigo Quijandría.

Participants from France, Denmark, Bolivia and Peru  will participate in AJAYU 2017.

Visiting the Lady of Cao

The Lady of Cao has been a source of inspiration for various creators and artists. We have already seen paintings such as that by the plastic artist Gerardo Chávez and the musical piece by german accordionist Eva Zöllner. This time, animator Rodrigo Quijandría takes us on an imaginary and fantastic journey in which we will see an adventure through time in 2D animation.

“Visiting the Lady of Cao” is an animated short film aimed at a child audience, with the intention of spreading Peruvian culture and history in a fun way. The short film explores who the Lady of Cao was and what her role was as an important Moche leader.

The characters, school children, are the protagonists of the story. They are transported to the Moche world and learn some facts about this society and its leader: the Lady of Cao. The story takes place at El Brujo Archaeological Complex.

This short competes with works from the United States, Poland, South Korea, and Canada among others, as well as with the short film “Alanna & The Wolf”, also from Peru.

Take a look at “Visiting the Lady of Cao”:


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