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The great funeral package of the Lady of Cao was 181cm tall, 75cm wide, 42cm thick, and weighed almost 120 kilos. Next to it, the human remains of a teenage individual who was probably strangled as part of the ritual derived from the death of the Lady, were found.

The unraveling process identified 22 layers grouped into three stages, that is, the funeral bundle of the Lady of Cao was actually made of three successive bundles.

Layers 13 to 22

The internal bundle (between layers 13 to 22) is from the early period. At this stage, the Lady’s body was found along with four decorated dresses registered on an extended layer of white cotton, two of them were in a decomposition state, and the other two in good ones. A fine cloth mantle with artifacts and raw material for textile production was also found: six needles made of gold, one of copper and two made of wood; thirteen cotton flakes; 64 wooden spindles; and a lizo. A textile cloth with 31 gilded copper sewn plates and held by bands appeared later.

Layers 6 and 12

The front of the intermediate bundle (between layers 6 and 12) had a new embroidered face with the appearance of a monkey with pendant earrings of feline figures. The cinnabar coloring got more intense. This stage is characterized by the abundant presence of bands and shrouds associated with small offerings and large amounts of cotton fiber.

Layers 1 to 5

The most superficial bundle (layers 1 to 5) showed on its outside an anthropomorphic face embroidered and colored with cinnabar (mercury sulfide). Cloaks were found from layer 1 to layer 4, some of them with decorated borders. On level 5 there were six layers of square cloths with square metal plates of gilded copper sewn to the textile material. Then, power emblems appeared at the height of the character’s head: batons at each side and four crowns with their respective V-shaped headbands.