To volunteer contact Lyda García at the following numbers: 6114343 annex 127, lgarciac@fundacionwiese.com

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Corporate sales

If you want to coordinate corporate purchasing our items, contact Miguel Guzman to telephones 6114343 annex 123, 957 534 118; mguzmanc@fundacionwiese.com

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Make your donation and collaborate with the preservation and put in value of El Brujo Archaeological Complex.Make your payment to the following accounts in the name of Fundación AN Wiese – Tda Virtual El Brujo:
Cta. Cte. Soles BCP: 191-2335319-0-79,CCI: 002 191 002335319079 58
Cta. Cte. Dollars BCP: 191-2313325-1-28, CCI: 002 191 002313325128 52

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