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Régulo Franco Jordán

Director of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Archaeologist from the San Marcos Major University. He has received a scholarship in the course of “Textile Conservation” (UNESCO-MNHAAP), he has also pursued specialization studies in Dumbarton Oaks, USA; and has led an International Diploma in “Management and Development of Sustainable Tourism” organized by Johannes Kepler University, CADETUR and Prom Peru. Now, he is currently studying the 4th cycle of master’s degree in “Cultural Heritage Management” (UNT).

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He has been in charge of the archaeological investigations of the Old Temple of Pachacamac between 1886 and 1990, and from that last year was part of the technical team of the Archaeological Complex el Brujo, with the position of Director.

During her professional career, he has received several national and international awards, for leading the discovery of Lady of Cao (2006), for his contribution to the Moche Route (2011) and her valuable books and articles on the culture of northern Peru.


Augusto Bazán Pérez

Resident Archaeologist of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

Augusto Bazán has a bachelor’s degree in social science and licence in Archaeology from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He has more than a decade of experience in archaeological research on the Peruvian north and central coast, as well as in the north-central highlands.

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His research focuses on the occupations of the Late Archaic (3000-1800 BC) and Formative Periods (1800 BC-200 AD) of the Central Andes, with particular emphasis on the north-central coastal valleys, as well as topics related to higher education in Peruvian archaeology, specialized editorial production, and the impact of archaeological production (not only editorial) on society in general. Most of his work experience was carried out with the Archaeological Research and Conservation Project in Chavin de Huántar, where he served as Co-Director.

He is currently Resident Archaeologist of El Brujo Archaeological Complex. He is in charge of the archaeology division, including scientific research and conservation, focusing on the determination of new topics of study and the application of appropriate methodologies according to institutional interests (research protocols), and formulation and monitoring of the editorial policy.


Conservation Team

Team of

Conservation and Maintenance

Since el Brujo Archaeological Complex has great architectural richness, with evidence of polychrome murals on adobe brick structures dating back to 500 AD, we have a team of conservators specialized in earthen architecture, who care for the physical integrity of the architectural archaeological heritage and maintain the site for appropriate and sustainable touristic use.

From left to right: Segundo Lozada Alcalde, Antonio Agustín Ávila Torres, Juan José López Quintos