Exhibition of the Lady of Cao and the Route Moche in the APEC

In order to promote tourism in the northern coast of Peru and the tourist circuit of the Moche Route, it has installed a replica of the dignitary and her 2 companions in the Lima’s Convention Center, headquarters of the meetings APEC.
This sample can be seen on the fourth floor of the Convention Center Lima, as a part of the sample of emblematic tourist sites in Peru.
Also, on the second floor is noted the citadel of Caral; on the 7th floor is located the Lord of Sipan and his retinue burial; and on the eighth floor is the Peruvian jungle.

Country: Perú

By: Ministry Culture


Treasures Preincas of the Mochica Culture

The exhibition is part of the Cádiz 2012 cultural project for the commemoration of the Bicentennial of the Constitution. The exhibition presents a broad vision of the Moche culture and contextualizes it beyond the jewels and its splendor.

Country: Spain                     

By: Cadiz City Hall Ministry of Culture Sipan Royal Tombs Museum Huacas del Sol and La Luna Project


INCA Gold Treasures in the Skeppsholmen Caverns

The Inca exhibition, Gold Treasures in the Skeppsholmen Caverns, is made up of approximately 300 gold and silver archaeological pieces, as well as textiles and ceramics from the Moche, Chimú, Sicán and Inca cultures. The exhibition is one of five planned by the World Cultures Museums of Sweden to spread knowledge about the world’s greatest cultures.

Country: Sweden           

By: Prom Perú National Institute of Culture


“Precursor of The Inka Empire, The Golden Capital of SICAN”

The exhibition “Precursors of the Inca Empire: the golden capital of Sican”, reflects the result of the work of Shimada during the last 30 years in the north of Peru, where Sicán culture was developed. Numerous work tools, necklaces, earrings, vases and complex details in which gold foil and sea shells predominate, were donated by the INC and the sample organized by the Peruvian Embassy in Japan as a recognition of contributions Japanese to the archeology of our country.

Country: Japan                      By: NIC Embassy of Peru in Japan