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Inauguration of the V Colloquium of Archeology, by Ingrid Claudet Lascosque, general manager of the Wiese Foundation.
Table 1: Training and historical dynamics of the collections in Peru.

This table seeks to offer participants the necessary context to understand the formation and historical dynamics of the collections in the country, as well as the expectations of Peruvian society towards them throughout national history.


  • Luis Guillermo Lumbreras
  • Virgilio Freddy Cabanillas
  • Carlos del Águila
  • Marta Kania


Table 2: Collections and Specialists.

It is the responsibility of the specialists to document, quantify, physically stabilize and preserve the objects, and then continue to understand them progressively, through scientific research. In this table the strategies related to the registration and cataloging, conservation and research developed around the collections will be discussed.


  • Luisa Vetter Parodi
  • José Alva y Rubén Buitrón
  • Kevin Gosling
  • Rafael Vega Centeno
Table 3: The social role of the Collections today.

Various disciplines converge in order to transform the scientific information obtained by specialists from the objects of a collection, into appropriate content to be shared with wider and diverse audiences. This table seeks to share the vision and experience of some of the most successful institutions in that regard.


  • Gabriela Bertone
  • José Carlos Cornejo Arana
  • Rosario Arias Quincot
  • Isabel Collazos
Table 4: Institutional Sustainability.

This table discusses the strategies of governance, management and obtaining resources for the survival and development of institutions linked to research, custody and social use of collections.


  • Denisse Pozzi-Escot
  • Mariana Watson
  • Pedro Pablo Alayza
Table 5: Collections as the axis of development. Final thoughts.

Final reflections will be presented on the different aspects involved in the management of collections and perspectives regarding it are raised. Likewise, several key aspects related to the role that collections should play in contemporary society will be discussed.


  • Ulla Holmquist
  • Rafael Vega-Centeno
  • Claudia Porto
Collection Management Workshop
Speaker: Kevin Gosling