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Exhibition of Magaly Silva

Magaly Silva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism. Welcome words in the I International Colloquium “25 years of research in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex”

Exhibition of Lyda García

Speakers: Lyda García, Manager of Cultural Projects at Fundación Wiese; and Oscar Uribe, manager of the Wiese Group.
Exposition: Role of the Wiese Foundation in the Cultural Heritage and development of a tourist destination.

Exhibition of Regulo Franco

Speakers: Régulo Franco, Director of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex.
Exposition: “25 years of research in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex”.

Exhibition of Jeffrey Quilter

Speakers: Jeffrey Quilter
Exposition: Dr. Jeffrey Quilter, makes a presentation entitled “Reflections on 25 years of The Brujo Project”. It is presented by Mrs. Ingrid Claudet, general manager of the Wiese Foundation.”

Exhibition of Luis Jaime Castillo

Speaker: Luis Jaime Castillo
Exposition: “110 years of Moche’s archeology”

Exhibition of Arabel Fernández López

Speaker: Arabel Fernández López, archaeologist and laboratory head of the Cao Museum.
Exposition: “Symbols of power and gender: opening of the bundle of the Lady of Cao”.

Exhibition of Sonia Guillén

Speaker: Sonia Guillén, Director of the Mallqui Center and Leymebamba Museum.
Exposition: “Female Mummies: Power and tradition in the pre-Hispanic world.

Exhibition of Víctor Velásquez Sánchez

Speaker: Víctor Velásquez Sánchez.
Exposition: “Archaeometric studies of the Lady of Cao”, in the I International Colloquium ”

Exhibition of Luis Guillermo Lumbreras Salcedo

Speaker: Luis Guillermo Lumbreras Salcedo.
Exposition: “The antecedents of the Mochica Culture”.

Exhibition of Walter Alva

Speaker: Walter Alva.
Exposition: “Culture Moche and the Lord of Sipán”.

Exhibition of Ángel Bustamante

Speaker: Ángel Bustamante.
Exposition: “Analysis of the metal artifacts of the Lady of Cao”.

Exhibition of John Rick

Speaker: John Rick.
Exposition: “The important thing of Chavín for Moche”.

Exhibition of Ricardo Morales

Speaker: Ricardo Morales.
Exposition: “Moche Architecture: Characterization and methodological approach”