La Fiesta de la Señora de Cao: This is how the celebration of the leader of Magdalena de Cao went.

The people of Magdalena de Cao celebrated the return of the Moche leader to the town she led 1,700 years ago with dances, gastronomic's fair, and art. Look how the celebration of the Señora de Cao went. Joy and pride are the feelings that predominate in the faces of the people of Magdalena de Cao, [...]

3D Technology Reveals the Face of Ancient Peruvian Female Leader

FARO’s 3D Laser Scanning Technology used in reconstructing the face of a mysterious mummy, known as the Lady of Cao. She is believed to be a female leader of the Moche Civilization in Peru, which ruled more than 1,700 years ago. Moche culture flourished approximately a thousand years before the Inca civilization in northern Peru. [...]

Chicha de año, tradition and history in a drink

Magdalena de Cao is located in the Ascope province of La Libertad. It was here that the Lady of Cao was discovered. She was, presumably, an important leader within the Moche culture. This endearing town is also known for its traditional drink, “chicha de año”. Let’s learn more about Magdalena de Cao’s traditional liquor. Chicha [...]

Floral Bath in a Moche Ceremonial Well

Because of the demanding pace of life these days, we often have low energy levels. When this happens, we are more likely to attract negativity to our lives, so it’s important to take immediate action to halt this situation and renew our energy. The solution lies in floral baths Healers, shamans, and other people who [...]

Archeometry studies are carried out on the funerary trousseau of the Lady of Cao and other pre-Inca characters

On February 14, 2018, a group of scientists headed by Drs. Giovanni Gigante, Roberto Cesáreo from La Sapienza University (Italy) and Ángel Bustamante from the National University of San Marcos (Peru) visited El Brujo to study archeometry ( *) in the funerary trousseau of the Lady of Cao. We interviewed Dr. Roberto where he tells [...]

Buy the “Old Pachacamac Temple” book online

This book recounts research conducted by renowned archaeologists Régulo Franco and Ponciano Paredes throughout the last five years of the 1980’s. The Old Pachacamac Temple recounts in detail the archeological research from 1986 to 1990, conducted by Peruvian archaeologists Ponciano Paredes and Régulo Franco. As its title reveals, this book focuses on the meticulous study [...]