First Archaeological Acknowledgments in El Brujo: Visit of Antonio Raimondi in 1868

One of the most fascinating topics about the El Brujo Archaeological Complex is precisely its name. According to the RAE, brujo means "that person who performs acts of magic or sorcery to dominate the will of the people or modify events, especially if it causes a harmful or malefic influence on people or their destiny." [...]

Santa María Editorial, Santa María Foundation and Wiese Foundation announce the book launch of IANCHAAK. A trip to the kingdom of the moches.

It is a wonderful youth literary work, written by Rosario Arias Quincot, which tells the adventures of three contemporary teenagers of diverse backgrounds, and classmates in the school, who by accident end up being part of the history of the Chicama Valley -on the Peruvian northern coast- and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex at the [...]

The Wiese Foundation organizes the V International Colloquium: Policies and Management of Collections in Peru. Formation, balance and perspectives.

The Andenes Centrales, largely the territory covered by present-day Peru, have been -as very few places in the world- a privileged scenario of social developments notable for their degree of complexity and profuse historical legacy. As a result of successive occupations occurring after approximately 15,000 BCE, the amount of cultural material inherited by the Peruvian [...]

The Wiese Foundation organizes “The Discussion Meeting for the Diagnosis of the Señora de Cao”

The discovery of the funerary context of the Lady of Cao made in 2004, was one of the most important archaeological finds at the beginning of the 21st century. The climatic conditions of the north coast of the country allowed human remains to be found in excellent condition. In 2009, the Wiese Foundation inaugurated the [...]

The conservation of the Wooden Idol

The Wiese Foundation, through the Cao Museum, has as one of its main goals the protection and preservation of movable and immovable cultural property of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex. For this reason, the pieces exhibited in the Cao Museum undergo a rigorous monitoring process. One of our main attractions is the so-called "Wooden Idol". [...]

La Fiesta de la Señora de Cao: This is how the celebration of the leader of Magdalena de Cao went.

The people of Magdalena de Cao celebrated the return of the Moche leader to the town she led 1,700 years ago with dances, gastronomic's fair, and art. Look how the celebration of the Señora de Cao went. Joy and pride are the feelings that predominate in the faces of the people of Magdalena de Cao, [...]