Magdalena de Cao

Located in the valley of the River Chicama district of the province of Ascope, La Libertad, 58 kilometers north of the city of Trujillo.


Magdalena de Cao gastronomy is based on the products offered generous sea, like seafood and fish. The most outstanding dishes include ceviche, rice with seafood, fish cracklings, trapping crab, sweated; and its national drink la chicha


Near El Brujo Archaeological Complex you can find beaches like El Brujo and La Bocana , west of the complex . Moreover, 25 minutes you can run the longest left in the world (more than 2 km long) wave in Puerto Chicama beach.

Ruta Moche

Is the new archaeological circuit of Peru. When going around you can experience the ancient Mochica traditions that remain until today. It includes the regions of La Libertad and Lambayeque. On the route you will see its monumental architecture, metalwork first class textiles unique, exquisite cuisine, the work of its people and the beauty of its beaches, all in a universe with own identity.

House of Culture

It’s an Interpretation Center of local cultural and territorial values of Magdalena de Cao. Here you will find paneled rooms and audiovisual material containing educational information about many cultures that inhabited the Valley of Chicama.

Cao Museum

This is a museum with a dynamic approach, which puts into context the exhibited objects, immersing the visitor in the world of the settlers Chicama Valley. A fascinating tour through the everyday and symbolic universe of the inhabitants of this part of Peru, linking the customs and beliefs of the past with the present day. The visit ends with the most enigmatic of recent times finding, the Lady of Cao.


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