Lady of Cao

3D Technology Reveals the Face of Ancient Peruvian Female Leader

FARO’s 3D Laser Scanning Technology used in reconstructing the face of a mysterious mummy, known as the Lady of Cao. She is believed to be a female leader of the Moche Civilization in Peru, which ruled more than 1,700 years ago. Moche culture flourished approximately a thousand years before the Inca civilization in northern Peru. [...]

Arrival of the Lady of Cao to her village, Magdalena de Cao

In an emotional ceremony that took place in Magdalena de Cao’s main square, the Lady of Cao officially returned to her village. Surrounded by the local villagers of Magdalena de Cao, visitors from all over Peru and abroad, distinguished archaeologists, researchers and participants of the Third International Colloquium of Archeology, the Lady of Cao set [...]

Lady of Cao’s Jewelry Will Tour Three of the World’s Most Important Museums

The J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Metropolitan Museum in New York and the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris are the latest settings for the museum exhibitions that feature the artifacts and jewelry found in the Lady of Cao’s tomb. The exhibits are called “Golden Kingdoms” and “Before the Incas”. In the [...]

Magdalena de Cao and the “La Libertad” region welcome body and face of the Lady of Cao

In an official ceremony, the Wiese Foundation will present the Lady of Cao’s bust with her recently unveiled face to the community of Magdalena de Cao in Ascope, La Libertad. This event will be take place within the activities scheduled for the 3rd edition of the International Archeology Symposium. After unveiling the face of the [...]

The Moche Faces

In current works of reconstruction of the Lady of Cao’s face, boosted by technology advances and the application of sophisticated 3D scanning tools, scientists have taken as reference previous studies on the physiognomy of the Moche settlers from last century. The characterization of Moche faces has been of interest to archaeologists and researchers such as [...]

A powerful Peruvian woman returns from ancient times thanks to 3D technology

Technology and history once again fuse together in an incredible way to get to know one of the most important faces of ancient Peru, the character that made us rewrite the vision of pre-Columbian women throughout America. The powerful Lady of Cao. For a few months the Wiese Foundation, along with some strategic allies: FARO [...]