Monthly Archives: November 2019

Award of investment project that will allow the conditioning of the tourist circuit of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex

For the first time, it will be possible to execute the "Works for Taxes" mechanism on archaeological monuments The investment will be over 3.5 million soles. The project includes the excavation of three areas of the archaeological site, its promotion and tourism diffusion, as well as conservation and education actions. The execution of the investment [...]

The underground world of El Brujo Archaeological Complex: The ceremonial well

The archaeological prospections of September 1994 located, from a huaquero hole near Huaca Cao Viejo, a ceremonial well. The depth of desecration was suspicious: 4 meters. For this reason, it was decided to intervene in the place to understand what were the looters pursuing. The interventions determined that this great depression responded to a huge [...]