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Works at the Depots of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex: Thermal Insulators

As part of the commitment of the Wiese Foundation to the preservation of the archaeological heritage, we have performed reconditioning works at the six depots of the Cao Museum, which house the materials recovered in the excavation campaigns conducted at the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, especially at the Huaca Cao Viejo. These works are within [...]

Why is the viringo considered to be the traditional dog of the Mochica culture?

Viringo is the name given to the hairless Peruvian dog. Its first iconographic appearance occurred in Cupisnique, in the Mid and Late Formative period. It is also considered as part of the National Heritage, as per Ministerial Resolution No. 346. Why was this race of dogs so prominent in the Moche culture? Was it due [...]

What was the role of the Lady of Cao?

In the year 2005, while excavations were underway at the Huaca Cao Viejo and the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, one of the most important Mochica tombs was unveiled. The openings of five tombs indicated that it was the burial of several personages. The largest tomb stood out, inside of which a heavy funerary bundle was [...]