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La Fiesta de la Señora de Cao: This is how the celebration of the leader of Magdalena de Cao went.

The people of Magdalena de Cao celebrated the return of the Moche leader to the town she led 1,700 years ago with dances, gastronomic's fair, and art. Look how the celebration of the Señora de Cao went. Joy and pride are the feelings that predominate in the faces of the people of Magdalena de Cao, [...]

How were the human sacrifice rituals of the Mochica culture conducted?

One of the main topics within the Mochica culture is the human sacrifice ritual, apparently directly connected to the common activities of this pre-Columbian culture. According to the researchers, these rituals were connected to the divinities of that time and were considered as offerings to the gods and to nature. For a long time, it [...]