Monthly Archives: June 2017

El Brujo Huaca Cao Book

Review of the El Brujo Huaca Cao Book This publication aims to disseminate the various scientific contributions of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex, sponsored by the Wiese Foundation and the National Institute of Culture (INC). This emblematic publication, produced by the Wiese Foundation and sponsored by AFP Integra, aims to spread the news about the [...]

Moche culture T-shirts

Wear Moche motifs and display history, art and culture on your chest. T-shirts and jerseys with Peruvian motifs are currently in style because they represent our culture, art and history. Today we want to show you our new collection of Moche culture T-shirts, sold exclusively in the El Brujo Archaeological Complex Virtual Store. We have [...]

Magdalena de Cao, the home of the Lady of Cao

If we travel an hour west of the city of Trujillo (La Libertad) in the province of Ascope, we come across Magdalena de Cao, a typical village like those located on Peru’s northern coast. However, this endearing place holds surprises from its past and present. Join us to learn more about Magdalena de Cao, the [...]

The Specialists Behind the Reconstruction of the Lady of Cao’s Face

The unveiling the Lady of Cao’s face is coming, and we want to present some of the specialists who are behind the research that has been carried out in recent months. There are two key people behind this feat: Arabel Fernández, Head of the El Brujo Archaeological Complex and Oscar Barrera, production engineer and 3D [...]