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The importance of Lady of Cao's discovery is undeniable, so experts in ancient Peru are agree that a radical change has emerged in the vision of the importance of women in the pre-Hispanic world, which for many people is like rewriting the history. This important fact has led us to inevitable comparisons, and among the [...]

The Lady of Cao is present in APEC

In order to promote tourism in the northern coast of Peru and the tourist circuit of the Moche Route, it has installed a replica of the dignitary and her 2 companions in the Lima’s Convention Center, headquarters of the meetings APEC. This sample can be seen on the fourth floor of the Convention Center Lima, [...]

Lady of Cao’s tattoos surprise the world

One of the things that surprised the world about the discovery of the Lady of Cao, were certainly their tattoos, tattoos of ceremonial character found in the arms of the powerful woman. Tattoos found on the forearms, ankles and fingers of the Lady of Cao were under study and gave rise to countless theories. Today [...]